The Hate Trap

Is anything more dangerous than a leader who lures his people into hating each other?

I found myself asking this question while watching the final minutes of Trump’s Tulsa rally on Saturday. Leaders like Trump—and there are many like him—seldom make direct appeals to their followers to hate the other side. Rather, they know the far more effective tactic is simply to convince their supporters that the other side hates them. Accomplish this goal, and the human tendency to respond in kind will take care of the rest.

I fear the United States of America has become the Divided States of the Trump Era.

Christians have given Trump far more attention than he deserves. That’s true of both Christians who like him and those who don’t. Yet as Christ-followers, we’re meant to give our undivided allegiance to another king and his kingdom. So stop looking to Caesar. Abandon hate. And learn to love again.