How to Use This Book during Lent

Fight Like Jesus is intended to be read any time of year. After all, the events of Holy Week shape the entire Christian life. Each day, we are called to take up our cross and follow after Jesus. And because of the resurrection, every day is now a mini Easter.

That said, this book is also designed for individuals and groups to use as a Lenten Bible study. Discussion questions for each chapter are included at the back of the book. You can also access them here. And here is a suggested schedule for use during Lent, with listed chapters to be read beforehand.

  • First Sunday of Lent: Discuss “The Key to Holy Week” and Palm Sunday chapters. These have a combined length equal to subsequent chapters.
  • Second Sunday of Lent: Discuss Monday’s chapter.
  • Third Sunday of Lent: Discuss Tuesday’s chapter.
  • Fourth Sunday of Lent: Discuss Wednesday’s chapter.
  • Fifth Sunday of Lent: Discuss Thursday’s chapter.
  • Sixth Sunday of Lent: Discuss Friday’s chapter.
  • Easter Sunday: Discuss the combined Saturday/Sunday chapter.


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