Come learn from the Greatest Peacemaker’s greatest week.

Fight Like Jesus is an informed, thoughtful, reflective, and therefore show-stopping guide to Holy Week.” ~ Scot McKnight


Throughout Holy Week, two competing approaches to peacemaking collide. What if we’ve embraced the wrong one?

At the start of Holy Week, tears streamed down Jesus’ face as he cried out, “If only you knew the things that make for peace.” From that moment, until a week later when he triumphantly declared, “Peace be with you,” Jesus spent each day confronting injustice, calling out oppressors and contending for peace.

But what if–despite all our familiarity with the events of Holy Week–we still don’t know how Jesus makes peace? And what if–despite clinging to the cross of Christ for our salvation–we’ve actually embraced a different approach to peacemaking? One that justifies killing enemies. One whose methods include nailing criminals to crosses.

We desperately need to recover the radical vision of peacemaking that Jesus embodied throughout Holy Week. And we urgently need to be trained in his way of making peace. So, come. Let’s journey together day-by-day through Jesus’ final week and discover anew why he is called the Prince of Peace.



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